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The Light in The Darkness

Posted on January 3, 2021

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The Light in The Darkness

Jeremiah 31:7-14

Psalm 147:12-20

Ephesians 1:3-14

John 1:1-18

The year 2020 is over and for some this mentally may be a sign of relief. However, for others difficulties may continue. No matter what new things we may face though in 2021 it is important to remember that God is in charge. In every good or bad event God can piece things together for our good. Whenever, we feel that we are going through dark times there is a light that will shine brightly through the darkness. Light in itself is pretty interesting. Light pierces through darkness and never the other way around. There is an old comic from the Detroit Free Press Funnies with Hagar the Terrible. It is night time and he goes to open the door and his wife asks him how dark it is outside. He says, “pretty dark” as the darkness tries to enter the house from the outside. However, that is not how it works in reality. It is scientifically impossible for darkness to overcome light. Even the littlest bit of light in a dark cave can pierce through that darkness and it is never the other way around. The same is true when comparing Jesus as the light shining in the darkness.

During the exile of Israel to Babylon it seemed like darkness was overwhelming the Israelites. They lost their freedom and their home because of their sin. Essentially, they had decided to walk in the darkness without the light to guide them and therefore they were led away into a sinful nation. The light was always there but they refused to follow it therefore receiving discipline. But Jeremiah speaks about a promise of a joyous end. There is a light at the end of this exile and the Israelites will return and be restored to their home.

The more I learn about creation the more I become amazed. Even from the order of which everything was created. The very first thing created was light. Without light there can be no life. Therefore, light is also life. Without light plants and vegetation cannot perform photosynthesis and therefore need light to survive and thrive. Studies have shown plants to grow quickly in dark areas in order to seek out more light. Even we ourselves need light to live. The Sun light helps us to produce vitamin D which is helpful for our bones and growth. During the winter seasons when there is less light depression has shown to rise because light is necessary to balance our moods. Light brings joy and happiness to our lives.

John Chapter 1 talks about a light that was in the world from the beginning. This light is life and it created life from the very beginning. The wonderful thing is that this same life producing light came into our world as one of us and continued to produce life where ever they went. The light healed the sick, caused the blind to see, made the lame walk, and raised the dead. This light that is Christ the Lord is the most powerful thing in all creation. John says, “In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The Light Shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John says that from the very beginning He was God and through him and through his light all things were made and nothing could be made without him. Without his light nothing could live or be created. Life could not come by mere chance. Life is too complex and we have barely scratched the surface. The one thing for sure that we know is that we need the light to live from a scientific standpoint. In addition, we need the light sent from heaven to live from a spiritual standpoint.

Ephesians 1 gives praise to God that we were chosen from the beginning to receive the spiritual blessing from Christ. We were chosen into adoption as son’s and daughters of God. Through the blood of the light of the world we have forgiveness of our sins which is darkness and only brings death. The light once again shines through the darkness that is sin and blots out all the darkness of sin. We were called to be blameless and holy as He is Holy. However, interestingly enough, we are unable to be blameless and holy without the light. We need that life giving light that is Christ the Lord to shine into our darkness and make us holy.

In this past year of 2020, we have experienced a lot of darkness in our lives. A lot of it caused by the fear and lies that we allow to come through into our lives. I myself for the past few weeks have been experiencing terrible darkness upon my life and my family. Despite all this darkness God has provided care for my children and is building a restoration and order in my home. God has been showing his light in my darkness and I am confident that he will continue to pierce through that darkness and expose the darkness for what it is. These have been hard times in my life but I know the truth will have its way in my life. I know that it is impossible for the darkness to overwhelm or overcome the light.

It was pointed out to me yesterday evening that all that has happened until now has happened according to the plan of God. Events have unfolded in perfect order for God to reveal his will. In the end I am sure that my whole family and my church will be blessed by God’s providence. Through, God’s will things problems that seemed like nothing but a curse and stress on my life turned out to bring light to other problems that needed to be repaired before they got worse. In addition, distractions were provided for those who needed a distraction from their current situation. Things were organized and put back into order that probably would never have been possible without events unfolding the way they did. I say all of this to point out once again that the light brings us life. When darkness seems empty and that emptiness wants to overwhelm us the light comes in and fills up what is missing. When we have sin, pain, and suffering in our lives that want to overwhelm us, Jesus comes in to break through all these things and gives us restoration and new life. Just as the start over Bethlehem shined through the darkness over the Son of God, the Son shines over us in our lives. All I can say is that there will be times of darkness in your life in which you may feel overwhelmed. However, just know that Jesus will always shine through that darkness and light the pathway out for us. Praise God for the light that has been with us from the very beginning.